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Diamonds Are for Pleasure (1996)

This is a rare spinoff; – Tiziana & eurogirl Leontine (Laminah Jones) in the same movie.

Extracts (from another rip) is posted here & here.

Director: Lasse Braun

Tiziana D’Arcangelo, Isabelle Fortea, Nandy Hendriks, Leontine (Laminah Jones)

Diamonds Are for Pleasure

Isabella is a sensual, upcoming Italian-American rock star, who lives in London. Isabella’s sturdy Canadian boyfriend Brian is extremely jealous and he thinks he possesses her. When they split up, a disillusioned Isabella leaves for Amsterdam and she becomes a famous escort-girl in the well-known ‘Yab Yum Club’. Besides the excitement of the new experiences Isabella gains, she saves money to start a travel agency with her Dutch girlfriend Marijke van Dam. But when Isabella gets involved with the smuggling of diamonds, Brian helps her.

Video = 1023 mb, XviD, 576 x 432, dur. 1:55:55, audio = hungarian (?)
Credits to the original capper ;)