2 thoughts on “Colpo Grosso Glossy Strip – Coloniale

    1. Edw@rd73

      Hello my friend and excuse me very much if this may bother you…

      First of all, many many thanks for this great work!

      I am desperately searching two strips (I don’t remember if it was in 1st,2nd or 3rd edition) :…

      In the first one, Umberto presents the girl as called “colonial girl” (in fact she is originally dressed as a colonial explorer); after getting undressed and remained topless, she goes relaxing into a canopy bed…

      And the second one, there is a girl dressed as a ninja (or maybe a samurai, I really don’t remember) that strips herself remaining topless.

      Have you ever seen or listen about this two strips ?
      Please help me…..thanks in advance!

      p.s. I have no other informations to give you…but if you need more help, please feel free to ask!

      :-) Ed


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