14 thoughts on “Colpo Grosso Endcredit-song 26.02

  1. Mark Harrison

    Hi Polar,

    Thanks for posting this. I have been trying to download it since it was posted, but Uploaded simply won’t play ball. Other videos download OK, but not this one. I simply get a message in German informing me that there is a technical problem, it counts down from 15, then returns me to the front screen again without downloading the file. The problem only seems to affect this file, so I wondered whether there was any chance of reposting it, please? Sorry to be a nuisance, and my sincere thanks for all the hard work that you do.

  2. Mark Harrison

    Hi Polar,

    Unfortunately the Uploaded link now appears to be broken and gives a 404 error. Any chance of reposting this file please? Thank you very much.

    1. Polar Post author

      Sorry, but there is a real chaos amongst filehosters these days.
      Some of the major ones are in deep trouble, and I was afraid uploaded.to also was lining up in that queue.
      Fortunately it seems like they’re back in business after a 2 weeks of turbulence.
      A few files have gone, but 99 % of the links are working …. like this one 😉

  3. Edw@rd73

    Excuse me,my dear friend…I really don’t know where I have to write this…
    …also, please forgive me if this may bother you in anyway…

    First of all,many many thanks for this great work!
    I am desperately searching two strips (I don’t remember if it was in 1st,2nd or 3rd edition) called “colonial girl”…

    In the first one, the girl (originally dressed as a colonial explorer), after getting undressed and remained topless, goes relaxing into a canopy bed…

    And the second one, there is a girl dressed as a ninja that strips herself remaining topless.

    Have you ever seen or listen about this two strips ?
    Please help me…..thanks in advance!

    1. Polar Post author

      Ciao Edw@rd.
      From your namings (colonial girl and “ninja”), I can’t find any matching clips in my archives :(
      Do you remember the original capper ? (Amba, Lolloscan, Hell or heaven etc.)

      1. Edw@rd73

        I really don’t know if the strips I’m searching are named EXACTLY in the way I wrote…

        Yes,it was a lot of time ago,and my memory might not even respond and remember wrong…I only remember that Umberto presented the video of the striptease as “colonial girl” … but who has saved it, may have called it in a way that I don’t know any …

        I recalled, however, that at the end of the strip the girl will amuse topless on top of a four-poster bed…and I don’t think there will be many strip of CG that end this way …

        But,please…. I beg you to help me find these strip … I was trying to find them from too long!

        Excuse me if this may bother you…thanks in advance, thanks anyway.

  4. Edw@rd73

    Hello mate,

    unfortunately, this are the inofrmations I have in my possession … inter alia, I can’t remember even if the strips that I requested were on CG (but I don’t know which edition) or if they were on TF…

    …I hope you can help me in every case… :-)

  5. Edw@rd73

    Please let me know when you find something that might resemble to what I required to you…you can easily send me some preview clip so I can tell if it’s what I am searching for!

    Thank you,Ed

    1. Polar Post author

      Hi Bimbomario; – if this is a part of a full show, it’s probably posted already.
      If not, it’s just a clip :)


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