Colpo Grosso DVD # 14


Recorded from Happy Channel 2005
(Colpo Grosso full shows 14-01 – 14-04)

MPEG-2/PAL, 704 x 576, bitrate 3591 kbps, 25 fps.
Runtime: 2 hours 16 min.
Filesize: 3.9 GB

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5 thoughts on “Colpo Grosso DVD # 14

  1. Stanislov

    Hi Polar…. I downloaded all parts but CGDVD14.part04.rar seems to be faulty. states it to be 476,84 MB but it is just 339.870KB in size.
    I used direct download (not JDownloader), once in Firefox, the second time Opera, but the error stays. Could you please check this? Thanks!!

    1. Polar Post author

      Just downloaded ….. nothing wrong with the files.
      Mirror links added however; – hopefully it’ll help you out :)



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